In the past week there have been several incidents that led to the quote of the week, but first I am going to take this forum to make a quick statement:

Rocky Casts are great when they work, and hell when they donít, which I am sure that anyone who is a member of one knows. It is really sad how such a tiny amount of power can go to the heads of the few who possess it, namely, those cast members who obsess over the show. As was stated at our cast meeting, the show is supposed to be fun, and I think that, for example, by creating the "costume police" we are losing sight of the goal of the show. Of course the audience would love to see a cast in the most perfect costumes, acting out the show in perfect unison with the characters on screen, but isnít it up to the individual performing to decide how accurate they wish their costume to be? Isnít it unfair to those that cannot afford to invest that much time and money into an activity they do for fun once or twice per week? Now I am not demeaning those that wish to dedicate their lives to the show, I myself have been working on a hand-sewn Trixie costume for three months, but I think that some will always be more dedicated then others. It should be up to a cast director, chosen by the cast, to decide what the basic requirements of cast are. Because he/she is chosen by the cast, this person will represent the basic values of the cast. If this statement offends anyone, I am sorry, but it had to be said in a way that others can learn from my experience. If you agree or disagree, just make sure you spread the word, ROCKY SHOULD BE FUN, IF ITS NOT, QUIT!

Now for the quote of the week:

This weeks quote is an oldie but totally appropriate with the statement above. When Brad and Janet are in the car, brad says

Yes, Janet, lifeís pretty cheap to that type
Yeah that type!
Yeah all types!
Yeah my type!
My type is all types!